A Caring Dad Developed His Own Ways To Raise His 4 Adorable Children

Alex and Charlotte had a son. The spouses wanted to have other children too.

But the years passed and Charlotte did not get pregnant.

The woman was 34 when the couple decided to go to the doctors for in vitro fertilization.

Soon they learned that Charlotte was pregnant. Then the spouses realized that they will have triplets.

But the doctors feared that all three babies might not survive and suggested that the spouses keep only one of the fetuses.

The parents did not agree to this proposal, and in a few months the three identical sisters came into the world.

The babies were all healthy. Florence, Anabella and Lottie stayed in the hospital for almost three weeks.

After the birth of the triplets, Charlotte devoted all her time to the babies.

And the caring dad also took great care of his boy and his little girls.

He created an account on the Internet and began to share the life of his son and his princesses.

Alex said that their life resembled that of the military. Babies had to be fed and their diapers changed every four hours.

But, although the life of the parents in this large family was difficult, that did not mean that they were not enjoying their lives.

They organized their day and found time to go somewhere together or take a walk with all four children.

Alex declares that they are happy to have so many treasures.

His Instagram posts garnered several thousand followers who each time followed whatever the caring dad shared.

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