A brave old woman managed to set a world swimming record at 100

Charlotte Sanddal, a 100-year-old woman, thinks it’s never late and you’re never old enough to start something. Simply, having a strong will and being persistent, one will eventually succeed.

There are many examples when older men learn to climb mountains, cycle or do yoga.

There are young people who behave like old people. But our heroine is full of desire for life and continues to make her life more interesting.

The inspiring and heartwarming story of this centenarian swimmer is a true example for every retiree.

This grandmother set a swimming world record. Breaking a record at 100 years old is quite incredible!

Charlotte started learning to swim when she stopped working and retired.

So the 73-year-old devoted herself entirely to swimming. A very interesting fact: before, she had never done swimming.

Ms. Sanddal participated in Huntsman World Senior Games. It is the largest senior competition in the world that takes place every year.

But it was not a simple participation. The 100-year-old set a swimming record among seniors.

And she doesn’t give up. She continues to swim and train.

“I am alive and so lively thanks to swimming and daily training. I start my day with a series of exercises,“ said

said the 100-year-old woman.

Charlotte’s example inspired several seniors who started moving straight towards their goals.

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