These movie stars and their heirs are exact copies of each other

The following important players and their heirs are referred to as “two peas in a pod”.

Sometimes parents and their heirs with their incredible resemblance can leave one of us speechless. And, as we know, those that look very similar tend to be called “two peas in a pod”. So, here are depicted legendary and outstanding actors with their children who are the exact copies of each other.

Smith and his beautiful heiress Jane are exact copies of each other in youth.

This is Bruce and Rumer Willis. How much alike they really are!

Meet J. Carrey and his daughter Jane who inherited her famous father’s charming eyes and legendary smile.

Can we see a difference between T. Hanks and his son Colin? Simply incredible!

This is Mr. Sheen and his kind heir Charlie. They look like twins of the same age!

Clint and Scott Eastwood! It should be noted that none of them surpassed the other in beauty and attractiveness.

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