the video of Shakira with her father did not leave people indifferent

The heartfelt video of Shakira and her elder relative touched everyone

Regardless of all the hardships Shakira has recently faced, the well-known, successful and brilliant singer never ceases to smile and delight her followers. Initially, there were problems with his ex G. Pique and moreover, his eldest father soon fell seriously ill requiring constant care and attention from his family members.

There’s no doubt that she seemed like a devoted and caring daughter if we take the heartfelt video she posted in which the singer was trying to keep her father’s feet warm. The heartbreaking images not only touched her loyal fans, but also brought many to tears.

It should be noted that his father is already 91 years old and recently ended up in the medical center after a tragic and fatal fall.

It is undeniable that all her fans without exception were deeply moved and touched by seeing her as a caring and truly devoted girl. And the moment her father was able to move, Shakira’s happiness knew no bounds.

The most heartwarming moment was when she kissed her legs, which made all her fans even more in awe.

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