One of Hollywood’s iconic actors has gone completely unrecognizable

The way Depp changed after the divorce left absolutely everyone speechless

One of Hollywood’s legendary and desirable actors has recently transformed into a fat old man and is now hard to recognize.

Needless to say, one of the most desirable movie stars has faced many hardships and challenges regarding the relationship with his ex-wife and the hardships he luckily won.

These days, photos of the iconic actor with a wife have been shared on the web leaving fans of the celebrity literally speechless. They barely recognized their idol, and the symbol of attractiveness was definitely not the same.

So, most of all, the Hollywood actor was warmly smiling and seemed relaxed and absolutely happy since the trials are finally over. Now he can focus on his development and his career.

It should be noted that the fans of the leading actor never cease to support and admire him no matter what.

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