Hollywood uglies. How are the actors who played the ugly teenagers today?

In the American film industry, there is a system of ugly characters. We ridicule them, we don’t take them seriously and sometimes we even make fun of them. But that doesn’t mean the actors who play these kids have to repeat the same fate. On the contrary, many of them become more attractive with age.

1 Kyle Edwards in Road Trip.

At the time of filming, the actor, DJ Qualls, was 22 years old. He was thin, shy and quiet, and played the role to perfection. Such a person could easily work as a nerd or mama’s boy.

2 The Sherminator in American Pie.

Chris Owen starred in the multimillion-selling film “Detective Payne” when he was 15. After the release of the film, the actor became a celebrity.

In American Pie, as in Major Payne, Chris was not known as a freshman hunk.

But growing up, the red-haired boy began to transform and quickly became a real admirer of women.

With his fiery gaze, lively eyes and beautiful smile, the modern Owen would easily outshine Stifler in American Pie.

Chris is now 39 years old. He continues to appear in films, but prefers to avoid comedic roles. The actor says he’s been waiting for the role of his life.

3 Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.

Funny and clumsy, Ron wasn’t literally ugly, but he wasn’t the first handsome boy in school. However, unlike his roles, he is not funny, but rather charming.

He is still in movies today and is very popular with girls.

4 Randy Meeks

The role of the 100% geek who knows everything there is to know about the world of horror has been entrusted to Jamie Kennedy. Despite being 36 at the time of filming, he played the character to perfection.

5 – Neville Longbottom

Matthew Lewis as the clumsy Longbottom might just be a phenomenon. When filming the first Potter, Matthew looked like a small ball on his feet, “decorated” with large teeth.

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