Brave people risked their lives to save a baby giraffe from drowning

A multitude of beasts are in danger and their list has never been longer, but there are a few places on earth where people still know how to get along with these amazing animals. A privileged bond based on respect, trust and attention. If a poor animal needs help, people know to help. This is what happened to this young giraffe who escaped swimming.

For undetermined reasons, the young giraffe found himself stranded in the middle of the forest of the Usonero river, in Kenya. As the current was strong and not heavy enough for the unfortunate creature, the river was also full of crocodiles. The fate of the little man therefore seemed sealed. But help came from where he most expected it.

A group of rangers and locals heard about the frightened giraffe and rushed to her aid. A few hours later, and thanks to their heroism, the animal was rescued. Luckily, one of these people posted photos of the rescued animal on the internet so people could express their gratitude.

“Amazing rescue operation, congratulations to the great friends of Samburu Wildlife, Mr. Baba So and his team,” wrote one user. Another said: „Wow this is an example of courage and compassion for privacy – our precious heritage.“

In accordance with the definition of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, several species of giraffe have recently been declared endangered. Among them, the Masai giraffe.

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