Baby elephant is greeted with a hug after arriving at a sanctuary and meeting his new best friend

Elephants are such magnificent and majestic animals. They are highly intelligent and have a human-like ability to form friendships. Like two young orphan elephants who meet and create a bond of love when they need it most.

Elephant Nature Park is Thailand’s elephant rescue and rehabilitation center. It provides a natural environment for struggling elephants. The elephants like Chaba and his mother arrived at the sanctuary after being rescued from a tourist attraction last year.

Although Chaba was well cared for, she was initially quite shy in her new surroundings until another elephant decided to become her best friend. Pyi Mai, a young elephant, also arrived at the sanctuary with her mother, who had been rescued from the tourism industry, and approached Chaba’s waist as if to comfort her.

Park project manager Rae Emmerson said. It sounded like Piymai was saying. Welcome to the house ! .” We already knew at the time that they were going to be the best of friends. After that, Chaba stopped worrying because he had a new best friend to play with at the shelter. “Piy Mai and Chaba do everything together,” the elephant nature park wrote on Facebook. Whether it’s playing in the water or mud, or even eating, they are happiest together.”

“When they are together, their happiness is high.” They will both continue to nurture this treasured relationship and will always remain best friends.” They share a truly touching friendship: their relationship shows how friendly and happy elephants can be when not playing in captivity. “Pimai and Chaba are as happy as kids should be,” Sanctuary wrote, sharing an adorable video of them playing and exploring in a big pile of mud. “They speak with confidence. They can play wherever they want.” All elephants deserve it.” We are so happy to see them grow in joy and freedom. They are also an example of the personal relationships and communication skills that elephants can develop. “They constantly communicate through sound and touch,” Emmerson told the magazine. If one of the babies leaves his companion, the other will call him back immediately. Their love for each other is pure and unconditional. We can all learn from this and it is very interesting.”

“Both elephants are very sweet, affectionate and love to play. We affectionately call them “double trouble”. They are inseparable, always play together and are mischievous – as they should be!” These two elephants are obviously the best of friends and we are delighted that they are playmates and keep each other company. All elephants deserve to be so happy and free!

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