A Pit Bull Who Hated Cats Ended Up Adopting One Himself

This adorable bulldog named Baruch has always had a big heart, but he never liked cats. In fact, for some reason, he always hated them. But recently things have changed. One day, Baruch’s owner, Stefania Antico, returns home and discovers a strange sight. For some reason, a kitten appeared on her roof, looking desperate and lonely. Antico decided to offer his help.

„I don’t know how he got there or where he came from, but we rescued him and took him inside,“ Antico says.

At first, Baruch was suspicious of the new tenant, but Antico was not going to keep him for long. But a few days later, while searching for a new family, Antico came home from work to find he had been adopted by none other than Baruch himself.

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“My dog ​​really adopted it,” says Antik. Now they do everything together. Antic’s plans to find a permanent home for the kitten fell through. He had already found one.

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The stray kitten found on their roof began to change Antioco and Baruch’s lives, not to mention the kitten’s. „It’s something I didn’t expect,“ Antico said. It’s very heartwarming, especially because people have so many prejudices against pit bulls. They are very affectionate.

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