Japanese Girls‘ Secrets to Always Smell Good

The secrets of the freshness and good smell of Japanese girls have been revealed!

It’s no secret that most of the world’s population regularly apply perfumes to always smell good and fresh, while sometimes some people’s bad taste of perfumes can make them smell bad, especially in public transport. . As surprising as it may seem, Japanese girls and women very rarely use perfumes, yet they still smell great. Many wonder what their secrets are.

How do they manage to always smell fresh?

Due to the light scents in most of their collections constantly help them smell great.

The fact is that Japanese women place great importance on self-care. After taking a bath or shower, they almost always apply various body oils.

They usually brush their teeth after every meal and when they know they won’t be home all day, they keep their toothbrush in their bag.

Deodorants are also popular with the Japanese and they go a long way in keeping the bad smell away. It should be mentioned that these people use deodorants not only for their armpits, but also for their feet.

Some special flavoring pills are widely used to release pleasant smell on their body.

Hair sprays are quite common as well which serve the same purpose.

However, a lot of time all this takes them to apply, at least they were never caught smelling bad, which is the most important factor.

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