Parents of five-year-olds tell how their day is going

Brianna and Jordan Turner are from Kentucky and have five children. The twins were born after a long period of fertility treatment. Jordan was given a two-week leave. The young mother was assisted by a nanny, who stayed with them, and by a midwife who arrived at 6am and stayed with Briana until the evening.

“It was a race in circles.” The parents of a five-year-old explain how their day is going. They turn on the washing machine several times a day. During the day, children change their diapers 60 times. Brianna.

“It’s chaotic for us – we don’t even have time to sit down. Meals are repeated every 30 minutes – the parents and their helpers have just finished feeding the last child when the first is hungry again. The process was repeated week after week – the family had to prepare around 40 bottles of breast milk per day.

“After the baby was born, we had to buy a minivan because the previous one didn’t have room for everything. But we try to adapt. They now dream of a bigger and more comfortable home where they can all live comfortably.

Brianna admits she only vaguely remembers the first year after giving birth. When asked if she wanted more children, her mother replied: „Oh my God – no, we’ve had enough.“

On a family trip, Brianna and Jordan packed two strollers. The fifth twin was to stay in the kangaroo’s backpack. Family travel is an activity

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