Efron made it clear why he transformed his face

The real reason behind Efron’s facial transformation left everyone speechless

The facial deformation of the legendary Zac Efron is still the subject of active discussion on the network. It is noteworthy that recently, during one of her interviews, the real reason for her facial deformity was revealed.

After being heavily criticized and judged for drastically transforming his entire face beyond recognition, Efron finally decided to share the real reason he decided to change his appearance. Why the well-known star decided to do this left everyone speechless. It was, in fact, because he had been seriously injured.

Efron was recently a guest on a popular show where he seemed brave enough to explain the main reason.

As the great actor shared, he unfortunately hit the corner of a granite fountain and badly injured his jaw which became deformed and, with no other way out, the movie star decided to turn to a plastic surgeon.

However, not everyone believed the actor’s words of regret.

Note that a year ago, the legendary actor separated from his companion V. Valladares after having been in an inseparable relationship for several months.

For the sake of the actor, the woman rushed to quit her job in order to spend most of her time with her beloved.

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