A very talented makeup artist turned an elderly woman into a real princess

Ari, a very popular makeup artist in Indonesia, can turn any fair-skinned woman into a true beauty. The latest makeup artist client was a 60-year-old woman who looked like an Indonesian princess after a complete makeover.

And Ali has proven once again that he can transform almost anyone, regardless of appearance or age. He regularly uploads photos and videos of his clients‘ tutorials and makeovers, and his work with seniors is particularly impressive. Guy explains that each transformation is not a miracle, but a long, meticulous and demanding task. In any case, each transformation that the young and talented makeup artist shows arouses wonder and admiration.

The young man has published photos on social networks that clearly show the transformation of his clients. The makeover made the client look at least 20 years younger. The makeup artist completely erased the dullness and wrinkles, evened out the color of the face and made it look fresh. Intense foundations and concealers were used to achieve a flawless complexion. These products also help conceal imperfections. Ali created two looks for a 60-year-old client: a wedding reception and a dinner party. And they are both superb. No one expects professional makeup to radically rejuvenate a person’s appearance.

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