A Man Dedicates His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find A Home Forever

A few months after the death of his dog Steve Craig, he was still devastated. So he decided to give another shelter dog a good life. But not just any dog ​​in an animal shelter will do. He traveled to a dog foster home in Denver, Colorado, USA, and took in some of the toughest senior dogs to foster. Indeed, these dogs are often neglected. Craig is now a busy parent of 10 shelter dogs and his Instagram is full of beauty, with 478,000 followers.

Craig wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to cook breakfast for his large family of 10 adorable dogs. Most dogs have different diets. The program is filled with walks in the park, visits to the vet and lots of love.”

Craig wrote on Instagram: “Every time I sit down or lay down to befriend a dog, there are always at least three or four (dogs).

They are smarter animals, says Craig. When they reach a certain age, they know what they want in life. Older dogs know who they are. And they can easily relate to people and pets who know who they are. It is satisfying to know that these wonderful animals are happy, loved and cared for. This is what gives meaning to my days.”

Mrs. Craig also has a pig called Bikini, two ducks, pigeons, cats and chickens. She currently cannot afford a pet, but plans to have an older dog in the future. Age has nothing to do with love, because love has nothing to do with age.

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