A Kind Samaritan Discovers an Abandoned Box That Holds the Smallest Surprises

On a cold day in Ottawa, Canada, an abandoned cardboard box on the side of a country road collapsed, crushed by freezing rain and high winds. Luckily, a kind stranger saw the package and opened it to find eight little puppies in her lap. Following an anonymous emergency call, officers from the Ottawa Sheriff’s Office rushed to the scene and rescued the puppies to safety before the weather turned bad.

They were frozen when they arrived.” Jen Sow-Olgore, executive director of the Harbor Humane Society, said. The two animals couldn’t even register their temperature on a thermometer because it was less than 90 degrees. Care staff took both puppies home and fed them to stay awake at night with the heater on. A vet later discovered they had pneumonia and they are currently being treated to restore their health.

According to a Facebook post, they „wouldn’t survive the night.“ They were submerged in cold water and we are praying that they will all recover from the freezing cold. The four-week-old puppies are recovering well and receiving round-the-clock care from experienced foster families.

As Og says, the next few weeks are crucial for them because they don’t know where they come from or what their living conditions are. While outdoors, they will also be monitored for any negative effects of exposure to the elements. But for now, they are eating, drinking, playing and learning to behave like puppies.

These adorable babies are not yet ready for adoption. They will continue to be monitored until they are healthy and well. There they will find their own loving home. „I’m shocked this happened,“ the Facebook post continues. If they had arrived at the port, we would have gladly helped them and avoided this dangerous situation.” The puppies were rescued just in time and are well cared for in a foster home. They will soon find their final home.

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