Without any cosmetics. Jennifer Aniston, 52, decided to show off after a shower

Aniston routinely shares professional photos on her social media, but this time she did the opposite.

Jennifer Aniston, 52, does not change at all from year to year and, unlike her colleagues, prefers not to use Photoshop and downloads her photos in a “fixed” version. It should be mentioned that the seductive actress watches herself carefully, so that her figure, face, as well as her style are impeccable.

Agree that when you’re in your 50s it’s not easy to maintain the same lifestyle, but Jennifer copes with everything. Aniston commonly shares professional snaps on her social media or where she dresses: styling, makeup, and elegant dress.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood actress was surprised by her recent post-shower selfie, in which she, wrapped in a towel and without any cosmetics, took a cute photo, and fans have never seen Jennifer like this. The actress has repeatedly said that she really does not want ash hair, but apparently her stylists have succeeded in this matter and the beauty has yet to see ash hair.

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