how Claudia Schiffer looks without makeup.

This German is simply stunning in her indelible beauty.

As a global catwalk star, Claudia Schiffer is easily the envy of everyone. Although she’s been a model for six years now, she doesn’t seem to be aware of aging.

The diva celebrates her 52nd birthday this year, she has three children, she continues to charm people with her stunning looks and her elegant appearance inspires designers around the world.

However, nothing makes her blonde beauty look better than no makeup. Some of the photos Schiffer posted on her social media show her posing without makeup. Fair skin, a slightly upturned nose, soulful gray eyes, well-groomed eyebrows and not a trace of powder or mascara: that’s what Claudia looks like to her fans.

The subtle image delighted her fans. Many noticed that Ms. Schiffer looked 20 years younger.

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