A stray cat of enormous proportions is in a shelter and has become very popular.

On August 22, 2019, Morris Animal Shelter received a cat named BJ. But this is not an ordinary medium-sized cat, but a big cat! Experts examined the cat and found that it had Maine Coon or even saber-toothed tiger genes in its blood. Apart from its large size, it looks like an ordinary alley cat.

BJ is two years old and has a sad face, but thanks to his future owners, he will never be sad again.

The shelter staff are very happy that after the publication of BJ’s photos and story, many Americans in Philadelphia and other states wanted to adopt BJ. When the orphanage staff took a photo of him, they could see that BJ was just over a meter and a half tall. And this boy weighed 12 kilograms!

This post did not leave thousands of people indifferent! 18,500 people responded in the comments. Among the commentators, there were many who wished to take Bijay into their family.

Users also wondered if he really was a house cat (given his size, of course) and innocently joked, “What is that? Protein shakes or babies?

But most of all, people were moved by the cat’s pretty face and sad eyes, and everyone wanted to take her with them to chase the sadness from her muzzle.

After such popularity, it is not surprising that the cat soon moved to a new home.

Moreover, Mr BJ even caught the attention of the Philadelphia police. They have publicly stated that they are ready to take the animal on as a service cat if no one else wants to take him into their home.

We are happy that the cat is no longer living on the street and is staying at the shelter. And he will find loving new owners!

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