Shelter dogs scared of being separated wouldn’t let go, so someone adopted them both.

Adonis and Apollo are two abandoned dogs in a Texas shelter. They finally put their difficult past behind them and find loving homes where they can live together.

Abandoned by their owners for some reason, the dogs cower in fear, until Cindy Droogmans, founder of A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, sees this adorable couple of dogs and decides to help them. “It’s always hard to reunite a pair that grew up together, but look at them.” How to separate them? He then tells.

A woman named Jennifer discovered the puppies.” I found them and immediately asked to adopt them.”

Unfortunately, Adonis was so scared when the puppies arrived that he ran away and disappeared for 24 hours until rescuers found him and brought him back to his new home. The follow-up team did a great job.” He was returned to his siblings.”

Jennifer said: “They have settled into their new home and are doing well. They are very sweet children and they are perfect for our family!”

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