Woman spots stuffed animal on side of road, then takes a closer look

While running to the park to pick up her son from practice, Genia Gooding noticed a basketball on the court. But next to the ball there was something unexpected, something white. Gooding thought it was just a game that had gone out of style.

“It looked like a stuffed animal,” Gooding said. As she approached, Ms Gooding realized the abandoned stuffed animal was actually a white puppy – and she couldn’t believe it. The pup literally looked like a stuffed animal sitting in the street. He was so small and very scared and cold,” Gooding wrote on Instagram.

“I picked him up in my arms and carried him home without hesitation,” he added. Gooding captured the pup’s rescue in a video here. Back home, Ms Gooding posted photos of the pup on Facebook in hopes of reuniting with her family. Sadly, one commenter explained that he saw someone stop at the park, drop off a pup and drive off. Apparently the puppy was abandoned.

Gooding gave the pup plenty of food and water. She noticed he was suffering from ticks and fleas, so she shaved him and began to medicate him on the advice of the vet.

Soon the dog began to recover. His skin has become lighter under his mottled white coat. As he regained his strength, Gooding noticed a positive change in the dog’s personality. “He’s doing great,” Gooding said. He is in a good mood.”

Gooding isn’t sure what the future holds for the pup and his family. Although she would like to keep him, this may not be possible, as her family already has three other dogs. Nevertheless, Mrs Gooding is grateful to have seen the pup that day and to have been able to help him get back on his feet. Thanks to Gooding’s watchful eye, this pup will never have to worry about being abandoned again.

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