The girl with facial paralysis attracted the modeling industry

This unique girl with facial paralysis and unable to smile became a model

Meet 24-year-old Tyla Clement, who due to facial paralysis is unable to smile or laugh and is well known as “A Person Who Doesn’t Smile.”

Believe it or not, apart from her atypical and extraordinary appearance, Tyla has achieved great success in the modeling industry and has already collaborated with famous modeling agencies.

She is, fortunately, unable not only to smile, but also to move her eyebrows, eyes and other parts of her face. Many call Tyla “the saddest modest” due to her rare disorder and facial expression.

Clement often faced negativity and criticism towards her unusual appearance as not everyone was eager to completely accept the absolute uniqueness of the girl.

Trying not to react to comments from villains and detractors about her appearance, Tyla has learned to accept herself and doesn’t care about them anymore.

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