Without makeup, much younger and more beautiful. Longoria caught by the paparazzi without any cosmetics

She looks gorgeous even in understated clothes.

Eva Longoria loves sharp looks, especially makeup, so the beauty always has dark eyeliner, bright shadows, contours as well as blush. It looks like we haven’t seen another Longoria, but the paparazzi still made the decision to surprise her and show her without makeup as well as the regular evening dress.

Dressed in green leggings and a white jacket, Eva left smiling as she was filmed by the press cameras. It is very important to mention that at 46 years old, Eva looks like a magazine cover even without cosmetics. In addition, the natural look without makeup makes the actress young, and the figure is decent, although for the sake of the figure she had to deprive herself a lot.

Nevertheless, her restrictions were worth it, because after childbirth Eva visibly gained weight, but due to her persistence she managed to lose weight ideally and she looks beautiful even in everyday clothes, discreet.

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