how are the children of celebrities today?

A. Jolie recently attended a social ceremony with her children. Naturally, sisters Shilo and Vivienne immediately caught the photographer’s eye.

Note that the difference between these two beauties is quite small. However, Shilo, as fans have pointed out, looks a lot like her mother. Vivienne’s facial features, on the other hand, are very similar to those of her famous father. Also, she has a twin sister called Leon.

Apart from that, the children of the Star family are very close. The couple have three biological children and three other adopted children.

As Shiloh fans say has changed recently.

She also used to dress more boyishly, but now wears feminine outfits more often.

Note that A. Jolie remained actively involved in parenting after the breakup. However, B. Pitt himself is also involved in it.

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