Ashlyn is a girl who hasn’t felt pain since birth. Superpower or punishment?

Ashlyn never cried during teething, only her mother cried in the morning when she saw her lip bleeding. After numerous tests, it was discovered at the age of two that she was congenitally painless.

The parents had to desperately protect their daughter from the dangers around her. New carpets have been laid and new furniture without corners has been ordered. Ashlyn’s hands were still wrapped in gauze bandages to prevent injury.

Once, when she dipped her hand in boiling water, she was surprised to find that she was covered in blisters. And once, “I broke my ankle and had to walk for two days”.

Ashley is very happy. She has many friends and subconsciously mirrors other people’s reactions to pain.” She feels pressure but no pain.” Pain ! I do not feel it ! I always have to explain it,” Ashley says.

For many people, not feeling pain seems like a wonderful superpower, but it’s actually very dangerous. Its main characteristics are: absence of pain perception, painless lesions on the limbs and jaw, high body temperature in hot weather due to inability to sweat, infections and sores on the tongue, lips and gums , chronic bone and joint infections, fractures and multiple scars.

The heroine’s doctor says: “Her story shows how difficult it is to live without pain. Pain is a gift, but it is devoid of it”. Ultimately, pain can be controlled to detect danger.

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