A grandfather takes his turtle out for a walk and to comfort those who have lost someone

We’ve all had a pet at home, and one of our favorite things to do with it is to walk around and have fun, while showing it off to the world. This is standard procedure around the world, but the story of a particular pet and its guardian is not.

It’s about Hisao Mitani, a Japanese gravedigger who leaves his residence every morning with a large African spore tortoise.

Bon-Chan is the name of the animal. It’s a present from his wife, and he’s 25. He has been following the equally lethargic-footed old man for 20 years, constantly by his side.
According to Mitani, the height of the Bon Chan of 20 years ago did not exceed 10 cm. It was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand and is now easily a meter tall.

Both are unique and very popular in the neighborhood. They like to take long trips through the streets of Tokyo, Japan, in each other’s company.

„When my wife spotted it at a pet store, she fell in love with it and brought it home.“ Herao Mitani remarked, „She knew she would get huge, but I didn’t expect her to weigh that much.“

Since the tortoise appreciates warmer temperatures, Hisao prefers to walk it in the summer. On the other hand, it is covered in winter with a massive coat which adapts exceptionally to its large carapace.

The turtle is a symbol of longevity for the Japanese. In fact, a species like the Bon-Chan has an average lifespan of 80 years. In fact, when people see this combination, they can’t help but smile. They are a real comfort to all in these difficult times.

„Some may think it’s out of place, but people can’t help but smile when they see Bon-Chan, no matter how upset they are.“ Grandpa Hisao continues, “I heard that this species of reptile lives for about 80 years, so I’m sure I’ll die before it does.”

Bon-Chan helps Hisao overcome his bad ideas, which are the result of his seclusion at home. This solves a few issues, allowing him to walk around with his closest companion on excursions that should be quick but end up lasting hours and hours due to how slow they both are.

A funeral home is one of their favorite places, and the presence of this adorable animal is more than perfect for encouraging the bereaved and turning their tears into a smile.

Undoubtedly, the love that some individuals may feel for their pet knows no bounds. This is a rare bond between Hisao and his turtle, which was created with the intention of never dying again.

However, the Autumnal Gravedigger reveals that he has aged and worries that Bon-Chan might be left alone in the world someday.

They are beautiful examples of friendship and love that can last until death do them part.

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