How do the brunette girls of Hollywood present themselves: Jolie, Bellucci, Hayek and others.

Moore is raising three daughters with Bruce Willis. They have inherited the best from both parents and have the beauty of both. They are all invited to commercials and are often models themselves. The eldest daughter also became an actress, following in the footsteps of her family’s stars.

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Caris is the beloved child of two actors who have been together for many years.

She looks like her mother when she was younger. She has the same lush hair and the same slender figure. She often goes out with her mother. She also works as a model.

When Valentina was born, Salma tried to hide her daughter from the public eye for a long time. She did not want her young daughter to be seen or photographed by paparazzi. In addition, the girl is very similar to her father.

Angie has three daughters, two of whom are adopted. The eldest, Zahara, is a dark-haired girl from Ethiopia who is good at making jewelry. The youngest, Vivienne, is a blue-eyed angel who, like her mother, dreams of an acting career. In the middle, Jolie’s own daughter, Shylo, who wants to be called John, has a cropped hairstyle and wears voluminous clothes.

Daughters inherited their mother’s beauty.

Léonie, the youngest daughter, is still in school and hasn’t decided what she wants to do yet. However, the eldest, Deva, is already working as a model and brand ambassador for several global brands.

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