Rescuers save a small animal found alone hanging from a pole

Melbourne, Australia. At dusk, a young Brisley opossum clung to a cold metal pillar, not knowing what to do. The paralyzed young opossum was abandoned in a supermarket bin, scared because he couldn’t see his mother. But he didn’t have to endure the loneliness for long, as Warrior 4 wildlife rescue specialists rushed to his aid.

At night in Melbourne, Australia, the little opossum clung to a cold metal bar and didn’t know what to do. This little opossum is standing behind a supermarket container because his mother is missing. But he didn’t have to feel alone for long, as four trained lifeguards from the Warriors organization rushed to his aid.

After two nights of waiting, rescuers made the hard decision that Possum’s mother would not return. She was very fiery and the decision to take her in was made with that in mind.

A rep for Warrior 4 said „She was very mischievous and unusual and liked to eat her food upside down.“

Rescuers took the opossum to a wildlife treatment center and gave him everything he needed to recover. The opossum will be released after about two months of treatment. Thanks to the people who took the time to help, the opossum has returned to its natural habitat and is ready to thrive.

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