the fawn appreciates it and refuses to leave

It was an emotional moment for the beast, who fell in love with his rescuer and refused to leave. This cute little cow was stuck on a sloping road, but luckily two power line workers found her and saved her life. One of them tickled his belly and made him feel good. To his surprise, the female took a liking to him, hugged him and didn’t want to leave him anymore. The hilarious scene was caught on camera.

Justin Lewis of Kentucky explains: “A friend and I were clearing a path for power lines when we found a fawn caught in the path of a fallen tree we were trying to cut down. He got tangled up in the thorns and when I cut his hair he got really scared so I tried patting him on the stomach to calm him down….. was a bit too effective as you can tell see.“

After Justin and his friend released the confused kisser, Justin hugged him and snuggled up to calm him down and relax him. However, the rescued animal liked him and didn’t want to leave Justin. The adorable creature clung to its rescuer for about an hour. Then he was finally reunited with his worried mother.

„He followed me around the office like a lost puppy for about an hour,“ Justin wrote on YouTube. Until we spotted a deer watching us from the top of a hill”.

I thought it was her mother, so I picked her up halfway up the hill and she was staring at me. I told her to sit down and she immediately came running, then we walked together.

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