Rescued baby cow enjoys sleeping in dog’s bed

This two-week-old calf was sick and hungry. She was seized during an investigation for negligence and needed a new home. Tulip, the saved calf. When Carrie Henry heard the news, she thought it was perfect. I was ready to adopt, Henry said. I really wanted a cow! I was told that I had the best love in the world for cows.

Henry runs an animal sanctuary, Carrie’s Animal Camp, near Austin, Texas. He has rescued many different animals on his farm, but this calf is still young and needs constant care. She lives in Henry’s house, next to the shelter, with dogs, cats and. She has to live with her husband with her.

This part is therefore a little more convincing. What about another four-legged friend who needs help? I said to my husband, ‚Hey, look at this kid‘.” Henry said. I showed her a picture of a puppy wrapped in a blanket in a foster home. I said, ‚I want to pick him up and bottle feed him.

Henry said her husband thought about it for a while, looked at her and said, „Oh my God, you’re crazy, but hey, let’s do it.“ He was very excited. Henry contacted the foster family who rescued the calf and prepared everything for adoption in January. Henry called her Tulip and as soon as she arrived Henry’s husband was sold.” She loved him, Henry said. In 30 seconds, we were in love. She kissed us and made love with us. She loved to massage us behind the ears.

Tulip got along very well with the other animals in Henry’s household and Tulip made herself comfortable in the dog’s bed. Henry recounts: „Early on, she would come into our room, explore with us, and go to bed.“ Tulip has tried every dog ​​bed in Henry’s household and often cuddles and cuddles with the dogs.

Henry’s husband found it amusing that the pup quickly settled into the house and spent time with the family. He filmed Tulip cuddling on the bed. Just a calf in our room…… “You can hear the joy in his voice when he says, ‚I’m so happy‘. Tulip loves the dog’s bed, so Henry bought a trampoline for the calf.“ It took a minute, but he got the hang of it and lifted his paws off the edge,” Henry said. Months passed and Henry continued to bottle feed Tulip and give her lots of love and affection. When we took Tulip to her first home, she had pneumonia, but she was gaining strength every day. She’s in great shape, Henry said.

However, Tulip always tells me when it’s time to feed her: “She needs to be fed every few hours. I can tell because I can hear it moo. I’m a calendar for this cow,” Henry said. When I’m at work, I have a schedule for the cows. Tulip has become a social butterfly on the farm. She also made friends with other foster animals. Dairy cows at Tulip.

And when children visit the shrine, Tulip gets very excited.

She gets along well with the children,” says Henry. They love it and embrace it. When she was little they helped feed her and she was the sweetest girl in the world.”

What does Henry think now of what people used to tell him before he had Tulip, that he had the best love of cows in the world? „Oh my God, that’s right,“ Henry said. I love him so, so, so much. Bigger and healthier.” I was so worried when she arrived.” I love her more than I can express.”

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