From beauty to the aging woman. How does 55-year-old Roberts look without makeup?

Unfortunately, the weather is not good for everyone. And while we can embrace the changes that come with our own age, we’re still inexperienced when it comes to aging our idols.

Recently, Julia Roberts was photographed by paparazzi taking a walk. The actress was obviously not ready to meet the paparazzi.

Julia appeared in front of the lens without makeup or hairstyle. Network users barely recognized the actress and discussed the star’s appearance in the comments. From “beauty” to “old age”.

She’s just pretty with a smile,“ „I like her anyway,“ „She’s aging beautifully,“ „But what a slim woman, not a single wrinkle.“

“I want to look like this at 55,” one paparazzi wrote in the comments section below the photo. We would like to know the opinion of our subscribers: what do you think of these photos?

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