Endangered baby pygmy hippo bathes in public for first time at Australian zoo

Meet OBI, a three-week-old Hippo who has just learned to swim. Born three weeks ago at Melbourne Zoo to mother, Petre, and father, Felix, Obi means “heart” in the Igbo language of Nigeria. He is part of an international breeding program and will be destined to be mated with another female when he reaches maturity.

He likes the water a lot and stays in very small ponds for a while, so he’s ready for the next step, said Justin Vallantan, sea trials manager.

But “he was small, for about 10-15 minutes, and he was a little tired and wanted to rest. Then he came back,” he added.

Pygmy hippos are endangered, but their exact numbers are difficult to determine due to their dense rainforest habitat.

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