A refuge full of free-roaming foxes is probably the most magical place in the world

Photos of a fox sanctuary in Japan have touched the world. It is a sanctuary where these magnificent creatures can live freely and in an ideal habitat.

This is further proof of the importance of sanctuaries as an alternative to zoos which are out of control. Although these creatures are not domesticated, we can still help them live in a safe and happy habitat.

The Zao Fox Village is home to dozens of foxes and has chosen to open its doors to the public so everyone can learn more about these fascinating animals and appreciate their importance in Japanese culture.

After all, foxes are central characters in many Japanese tales and legends. The finished product was a huge hit, and it’s a fantastic place to spend a memorable day.

“We can learn a lot about the history and culture of Japan by traveling there”. But the main reason is that foxes are simply the cutest creatures on the planet,” says Rebecca Daum, a visitor to the site.

Visitors can move freely once they arrive at the shelter. You can purchase fox food, but you must follow a series of guidelines. After all, they are wild creatures that aren’t used to interacting with people.

Throw food at them from a safe distance, and if one tries to bite someone, call a staff member.

“Some approach with great interest, while others want to remain hidden. “Many are calm and sleeping sweetly,” observes Rebecca when she sees her.

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