A mare who lost her foal finds comfort in adopting an orphan foal

Animals repeatedly demonstrate that there are attitudes that go beyond humans, with feelings triumphing over species differences. This is why we are often surprised by strange friendships and love stories, but this time the love that concerns us reacts to a strong maternal instinct.

A unique story has been made public by social media platform TikTok; it concerns a mare named City who suffered the deepest sorrow: the death of a kid. This mammal’s duty of motherhood was jeopardized when it lost its calf during birth.

Since the mare decided to open her arms to an orphan foal, all of Citty’s love for her little one has found a new outlet.

When his owners learned that a motherless colt was residing on a nearby property, they sought to reconnect him with his mare, who felt lonely and downcast.

These people recognized a chance to do a great miracle in both cases, and they did it.

This was all showcased in a video that went viral on social media and got everyone excited. Citty not only accepted the colt, he was moved by it.

In the video, user Equitality said: „He kissed it right away, like it was his own offspring!“

Within minutes, Citty and the colt had struck up a relationship. Everyone might think she was there to save him, but in reality, the two creatures helped each other.

Citty’s life has been brightened by the birth of this young kid, who now seems happy and has left her sadness behind.

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