Security Cameras Record Puppy’s Reckless Act Out of Love For Owner

The bond between dog and owner reaches unimaginable heights, with the four-legged companion doing its best to cooperate with its owner’s attention. But in the case of Ace, the Golden Retriever, his imagination led to some unusual behavior, captured in a few photos taken by his father.

Now that Christmas is over, Ace owner Vince Matheson has decided it’s time to remove all of the Christmas decorations from his home, including the lights on the outside walls of his building.

Vince uses a ladder to climb to the top of the house and complete his task. He didn’t expect anyone to chase him.

Ace, who had always relied on him, felt his father needed help and followed him to help him with his work.

As soon as he saw his master, the pup, playful and fearless, climbed the stairs to the roof.

Vincent is completely oblivious to what Golden is doing, as he wears headphones and is completely engrossed in the music.

“With the helmet, I blocked the lights from the ceiling.” He saw something out of the corner of his eye, looked around and saw Ast! He was very surprised, says Matheson.

Vincennes was also surprised to see her dog. She thought it was impossible that he came alone and thought her partner was joking, but security camera footage proved otherwise.

Security camera footage showed this Golden climbing onto the roof like a pro. You’d think Ace had done something like this before, but it was actually an adventurous move on his part.

The video shows the dog climbing and his less brave brother watching him from below. The puppy may have respected his brave friend, but he decided not to participate in the adventure.

“Ace is an outgoing, courageous and rambunctious puppy. He was interested in what his dad was doing on the roof,” Matheson explains.

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