Abandoned dog cries every time you touch him, until these heroes come to his rescue

A little puppy who had been abandoned on the streets of India was in too much misery to bear. The dog was in such poor condition that it was hard to tell what type of animal it was when neighbors alerted to its presence. She had been observed standing helpless and alone in a deserted parking lot. Maybe she is waiting for her death, without hope and without anyone to watch over her.

Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited employees decided to act as soon as they learned of the existence of this dog in need. The group drove to the scene and discovered the dog, whom they eventually named Helen, in the center of a construction site, completely desolate and barely moving.

To gain Helen’s trust so they could save her, the volunteers gave her cookies. They waited patiently for Helen to calm down before approaching her.

They kindly carried her to the shelter where they provided her with the urgent veterinary care she desperately needed.

The vets at the shelter did everything they could to restore her to health. Along with providing him with as much food and treats as they could, they gave him a special treatment to help his skin recover.

Helen eventually healed and is now unrecognizable, relishing her new life, thanks to all the love and care she received from these heroes.

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