A woman finds a squirrel in her garden and adopts it. Now they are inseparable

Patty Robinson recently introduced us to her adorable squirrel named Bunk. She found Bunk in her garden and immediately decided to adopt him.

At first, Robison looked for the squirrel’s mom, but she was nowhere to be found. She saw the little baby and decided to help him.

She raised the squirrel and now they are inseparable.

“When I first hugged him, he melted in my hands. I put it in my pocket and said, “You fit in well”. This is where its name comes from. I said, well, I guess I’ll have to call you Bunk. I thought to myself, can’t it be so hard to raise a squirrel? I used the internet, and some things were true, some weren’t!” she told Bored Panda.

Later, she released him.

“I freed Bunk – he’s gone for five days! He came back scared, growling. I tried three more times and he refused to go!

Squirrels are not good pets. They are messy, expensive, they can bite, they need their own room, etc. He didn’t want to leave and I wasn’t going to leave him!”

But he didn’t want to leave. He wants to stay with his master.

How cute !

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