She bought an old bus and built a motorhome in it.

You dream of traveling, but you don’t want to leave your luggage unattended for long periods of time. Do you think you won’t be able to do it? Many people don’t travel for this reason, but today we would like to offer you an amazing alternative that will take your fears away!

This girl is a real hero. She has decided to get rid of everything that prevents her from traveling the world. She sold her noisy house, bought an old bus and turned it into a fabulous house and car.

Look how beat up and old this bus was before she bought it.

The house was even worse.

But the bus chassis itself was solid, and with the right repairs it could have been perfect. And that’s what happened.

Jessie had lined the wood walls herself. All the furniture was made by her, and everything you see in the photos was assembled by her. The floors have been covered with parquet.

But it’s not just the interior that has been renovated. The appearance of the bathtub has also been changed.

Therefore, she was worth all the effort. It’s warm, it’s comfortable – what more could she ask for?

And under the bed the girl has a shoebox. There is also space for a small wardrobe.

There is also a kitchen with its own counter.

Believe it or not, there is even a refrigerator.

There is no bathroom, but there is a shower.

Would you prefer a house like this for longer trips?

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