A man rescued a small animal and now he has a best friend living in his house.

Bogdan was on his way home that day. Little did he know his life was going to change in minutes. Upon entering the stairs, his eyes saw a small „something“ lying on the side of the stairs. As he approached, he saw that it was a pet that needed help.

The brave man brought the animal home. There he discovered that the little animal was too small to be fed. So he had to give her water with a dropper.

The man called the “reunion”, Lucky. The next day he went to see a vet, who discovered that the baby was with a damaged paw.

Lucky’s paws still hurt when he was older, but that didn’t stop him from going for walks and he was happy.

Lucky was named Lucky, from the word meaning “good luck”. He was very lucky to find a good man who saved him and became his best friend.

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