Exceptional actor Bruce Willis showed his wife who works as a model and is 23 years younger

This is the second wife of Willis, a model who is 23 years younger than him

It is quite difficult to realize that Bruce Willis is already 65 years old who, regardless of his advanced age, continues to act brilliantly in great films.

It should be mentioned that very soon the leading actor will be seen on „McLain“, in which the main character played by Willis saves many people from heartless terrorists.

Although the legendary actor doesn’t really like to share details of his personal life, we have gathered some information about the movie star’s family.

It should be noted that the first wife of the outstanding actor was Demi Moore, who, while in a relationship with Bruce, was not at all popular and well-known.

The iconic couple had been together for over 10 years with three heiresses. However, they divorced, after which Willis had affairs with other popular women, but had no plans to remarry.

The model’s name is Emma Heming who is 23 years younger than the prominent man, so that didn’t really stop them from being together.

The couple legalized their relationship and are currently raising their children. While Willis is working, the woman is actively involved in raising their children.

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