A blind junior basketball player makes a brilliant shot leaving 2,500 spectators speechless

The excitement of this blind basketball player when she lands a shot!

If you lack motivation, the incredible story of Jules Hoogland will definitely change your state of mind. As a junior basketball player, she recently left everyone speechless at Zeeland East High School.

It should be noted that there were both normal players and disabled players during the match who performed in front of around 2500 spectators.

In order to shoot, Jules approached the line and silence fell in the room.

As soon as Jules heard the punches that were used by the class assistant, she rushed to throw the ball and, believe it or not, she succeeded. Needless to say, everyone was amazed and the girl’s excitement knew no bounds.

His incredible story will undoubtedly leave no one indifferent. Note that after the match, while being interviewed, Jules confessed that she had no idea she was capable of making a shot.

She really is a hero, isn’t she?

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