When the woman returns home, the stranger is lying on his couch.

When Oregon native Lauren Taylor walked into the living room of her home last Sunday evening, an unusual surprise awaited her.

From behind the couch, a pair of eyes watched her.

It was a cougar.

After drinking a glass of water from the fountain in the garden, the back door was open, or so the curious cat thought, and he quickly headed for the house. He screamed when Taylor’s roommate first saw him and ran behind the couch.

Taylor, who has experience in animal rescue and energy healing, knew she had to give the cat enough space and quiet so he could get to safety. When Taylor noticed the lion had dozed off, she snuck out and watched him through the window.

After a few minutes, the lion continues to sleep. Eventually he woke up and saw a person. Taylor slowly began to blink. The cat’s body language indicated that he was not a threat.

The animal slept for almost six more hours behind the sofa, while Taylor stayed outside.

As morning approached, „I had to get rid of him without panicking,“ Taylor says. She and her roommate carefully opened several doors and began quietly beating the drum from the top of the stairs.

He continued to sleep behind the couch, and Taylor stayed out for almost six more hours.

Taylor added: „He woke up and knew what he had to do.“ As I showed him, he went through the open gate, into the back garden, crossed the stream and entered the clearing at the back of the house.

Сообщение When the woman returns home, the stranger is lying on her couch. появились сначала на ArmProm.

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