This Little Chimpanzee Is So Happy To Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Smiling At His Rescuers

Chimpanzee mothers spend most of the day holding their young while making eye contact with them more than 20 times per hour in their natural environment. Unfortunately, mother and young chimpanzees are often separated, when only the most severe disturbances could separate them.

A young chimpanzee they named Gaia felt it. It was being sold by a guy in Liberia until a tourist who was trying to do the right thing decided to buy it.

His mother was probably killed for his body. Unfortunately, the purchase of rescued newborn chimpanzees only serves to support the bushmeat trade and inspire these heartless individuals to orphan other creatures, which are then sold on the black market for animals of company.

However, some individuals are making efforts to stop the cycle of exploitation and abuse that many chimpanzee families face. Like Jenny and Jimmy Desmond, who founded Liberian Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP) to protect orphaned chimpanzees in Liberia and raise awareness of the dangers they face.

“While we are grateful that she was spared, money was transferred, the migrant ended their relationship and no police report was filed, so her seller, possibly the killer from his mother, not only ran away, but is now trying to sell more. Chimpanzees can be found here. Gaia is a perfect example of why we ask people to obey the law and never buy or take wildlife without fully reporting it to the authorities.

Baby Gaia was only two months old when she arrived at LCRP, just before Mother’s Day, an important day for Jenny as it was the anniversary of the day she lost her mother, Gaia. So she gave the child the name of her late mother.

Gaia had found the mother she so desired in Jenny, who also provided her with a comfortable bed.

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