This grandpa cuddles his beloved kitten after he lost everything in a fire, and now they have a safe, warm place.

Ali Meshe, an 83-year-old, lost everything in this devastating fire. Photos of his cat clinging to him as he helplessly watches his house burn down have become world famous.

Last week, when Ali Meche tried to turn on the heating, something went wrong and an explosion occurred in the living room, setting the house on fire. The one-story wooden house caught fire and the family lost their home.

Firefighters arrived just in time and rescued the man, his wife, son and cat. The grandfather, who had lost his house and everything and was devastated, grabbed the frightened cat and refused to let go.

The video shows the man and the loyal cat supporting each other.

Meche was then taken to hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. At the hospital, he found his cat. The man hugs and kisses the cat and is happy that the toddler is doing well.

The Red Cross sent a new pet carrier and other equipment to the hospital to care for the cat.

Meche has received an avalanche of love and support from her family and this wonderful kitten.

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