Woman who gave birth to her 22nd child feels great after 800 weeks of pregnancy

Sue Radford, 44, and her husband Noel, 48, welcomed their 22nd child on April 5, 2020. The couple are Britain’s biggest family.

Sue and Noel have known each other since childhood and had their first child, a daughter, when they were 14 years old. In total, she spent 800 weeks of her life in a state of pregnancy, but social media subscribers note that Sue looks very good.

The family has their own blog on Instagram and a YouTube channel where they share moments of their lives.

Sue and Noel themselves grew up in foster care, the boy and girl being abandoned by their parents. Therefore, they want to raise as many children as possible in a full and happy family.

The youngest, Heidi, was born 12 days early, weighing 3.1 kg, healthy and very calm, according to her mother.

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