Recent photos of Roberts have been circulating on the internet who, despite his age, looks much better than young celebrities

Here are Roberts‘ new photos proving she’s still the icon for millions

It should be mentioned that, unlike most well-known celebrities in general, she rarely wears makeup in everyday life and is able to charm absolutely everyone with her charisma and uniqueness.

Here’s what the legendary Hollywood actress looked like in recent paparazzi photos. As clearly seen, the iconic star wears no makeup and is fine with appearing in public in simple clothes without any insecurities.

It goes without saying that she looks simply fantastic and admirable at her age. Many even pointed out that without makeup she looks great.

As it is known, the gorgeous star leads a healthy lifestyle motivating others to accept themselves as well.

More interestingly, the movie star often attends yoga classes while successfully maintaining her stunning figure.

What can you say about his appearance?

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