A desperate and sad dog who had lost her babies finally finds happiness after meeting three orphaned kittens

Meet Milo, this friendly dog ​​who was once a stray. He arrived at Sunshine Dog Rescue.

Milo was pregnant, but unfortunately none of her puppies survived.

It’s very sad and heartbreaking.

Milo felt very hopeless in this situation.

However, he found three orphan kittens. Milo immediately became attached to the kittens and began caring for them.

Now the kittens have grown up and are very cute and beautiful.

After a long time, a boy named David decided to adopt Milo. And now the dog has a loving home.

David’s family also adopted a kitten called Gumball.

Milo and Gumball are now inseparable and love each other very much.

Two other kittens were also adopted.

What an adorable story!

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