what did older TV stars look like when they were young?

Today, the main characters in our article are actors who became famous in old age. But why does this happen and what were they like when they were young? Not everyone finds immediate recognition; some wander long before finding their destiny. Many actors come to the industry after having held many jobs: they have worked as waiters, like Jennifer Aniston, as locksmiths, like Yevgeny Yevskyev, and many more. The second group is made up of those who knew from an early age that they had talent, who knocked on the doors of all the drama schools, who went to all the auditions, who watched the directors in the eyes and which did not succeed. Then they “matured”, became great films and were praised by all! That’s what I think. Louis de Funes


Helen Mirren

Maggie Smith

Tatiana Pelzer

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