This friendly pooch likes to hold hands with people who walk past his kennel

Animals do not like to be kept in kennels and it is clear that the lack of play time and attention has a negative impact on their physical and mental health. This is why the shelter strives to find foster homes for these animals as soon as possible so that they can receive love and affection. Some animals attract attention on their own and may eventually find a foster home. Spike is one of those animals, and he loves to shake hands with anyone who walks past his kennel.

Desiree Miracle Wilder, director of the Humane Society of Brock County, told Bored Panda that “Speck, who is approximately two years old, was returned to the shelter by his original owner.” She says: “‘Speck’ has been at the shelter for just over a year and a half, since the fall of 2018.

He is a friendly Great Dane who warmly welcomes humans, paws outstretched, when they pass in front of him. Spike likes to hold people’s hands, even if they are separated by bars. Speck says: “He loves interacting with people and anyone who stops to look at him or rub his belly loves him. He understands how frustrating it is to be busy. He sticks his mouth out from the kennel fence, looks at you with puppy dog ​​eyes, and holds out his hand. Spec’s love language is definitely “physical contact.”

He is even more delighted when you pet him or rub his belly. This sweet dog just wants to spend time with his loving family. Bacon captured my heart from the first time I saw him”. My family couldn’t understand why such a wonderful dog was forgotten and neglected in the shelter. The moment he stretched his paws towards me, my husband and my daughters, I knew I had to show the world this amazing boy. But I had no idea that his image would be so widespread around the world,” says Ms. Desirée.

Good boy Spike has been very lucky lately. Desiree filmed her hands and released the footage to the world, and it quickly became a big hit.” My social media sites have been inundated with requests and messages from friends who want to host Spike. I even received donations of dog food, collars, and garden hoses from people who knew they couldn’t accommodate him. Without the people who want to help the shelter, we wouldn’t be able to take care of our fur babies.” The child was later adopted. On a 26-acre farm in upstate New York, they were able to find the perfect home for Spike and his new human father, Mike. But with very limited resources, we didn’t know how to get Speck to New York on his own. A wonderful rescue organization contacted us then, and Speck was placed with Allie’s Hope for Paws in Alabama, where he is now in a wonderful foster home and where we are arranging for his transportation to New York,” Desiree said.

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