the fishermen came unexpectedly to help him

The mother swam across the lake with her two cubs, but she underestimated the strength of the current and the coldness of the water. Neither could handle the rapids. But then, by the will of circumstances, a boat with a fisherman on board appeared around a bend. Casually, he asked if he could help.

Stories set in Karelia, known locally as the „land of lakes“, are less common. It gives the impression that the brown bear is truly the king of the forest and has no rival in the natural world.

Perhaps this is the reason why the strength of the cubs cannot be assessed correctly. She herself swims, with relative ease, across the wide lake to where the river flows into it. However, the same river washed away the cubs. And in the freezing water, she quickly began to lose strength.

At that time, a fisherman swam around the bend. The men quickly assessed the situation, swam to the hatch and pulled it out of the water with an ordinary fishing net. Exhausted, they calmly assessed the situation.

The cub had to swim downstream to shore to avoid disturbing the bear again. She quickly ran to Bear, and the whole family went into the forest.

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