Meet Blondie, an adorable bird who is almost bald but loves his happy life

It is a magnificent Venezuelan bird, the Blondie. He is special because he is almost bald. Blondies have feather disease, which is why they are bald and cannot fly. But he doesn’t care! The blonde is enjoying life with her owner, Bella Escobar.

Bella told the bored panda that she had adopted him since he was a baby. “He was just a baby, so he was very small. It had orange and yellow feathers and could fly.

“I remember his favorite place was the lights in our house. He was very playful and chased me when I was flying. It was also a very curious bird that loved to fly and explore new places.

I took Blondie to the vet clinic and had her tested for parasites, which came back negative. The vet said it could be stress. But we didn’t believe her. We didn’t understand how Blondie could remove the feathers from her head, because it didn’t make sense. The disease affects the beak and feathers and can be transmitted between birds. She thought her mother had the disease and that she may have passed it on to Blondie.

Bella took good care of her. She moisturizes her skin with coconut oil. But Blondie is happy and lucky to have such a wonderful owner.

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